The CEEC wants to be useful to any school that, in all member countries, develops a European project or seeks to join a European project (exchange, partnership, eTwinning, etc.) in the framework of Erasmus+ or not. Concretely, on this Website:

(1) A school in search of one or more partners completes the form available under the tab “PARTNERSHIPS”.
(2) This form is automatically sent to the CEEC secretariat in Brussels.
(3) The CEEC secretariat sends the school an acknowledgement of receipt and posts the data provided by the school on the page “PROJECTS FAIR”.
(4) Each school can visit this page “PROJECTS FAIR” and contact directly the potential partner(s).
(5) If a decision on cooperation is made, the coordinator school informs the CEEC secretariat, which can then update the page “PROJECTS FAIR”.

As a general rule, schools are asked to put in copy of any email exchange with partners found via this Website.